Eating behavior

Eat to lose weight. Yes, that’s the formula!

Throughout life, it’s normal to gain a few pounds little by little. For example, for many women at age 30, it may be normal to gain weight, especially since this is an age at which most women become pregnant, balance work and family and can become very tired. The female body deals with pregnancy well and, if you trust it, you’ll soon be back to almost your initial weight, maybe a little more.

Many women are sure that having children makes them fat. I can say this: the body changes, you’ll certainly be someone else, but you won’t necessarily become fatter. The process to regain your normal weight involves eating to lose weight without dieting. I’ll explain more below.

I see many young women who have been on diets since childhood and don’t remember ever having a happy relationship with eating. They don’t know what the pleasure of eating is, because it seems that having pleasure means gluttony or binge eating and weight gain.

Basically, most of the time, my job is to accompany people in accepting to listen to and respect their hunger. It’s quite traumatic when you are used to restricting your food intake all the time. I need to be very convincing for them to trust me, but they usually feel a sense of relief and well-being, which is the first step in making peace with food.

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Restrictive dieting causes the yo-yo effect. Lose weight without dieting!

The dictatorship of thinness causes many younger women to try to control their weight and fat mass through restrictive diets. They are so preoccupied with regimes and over-attentive to restrictions rather than having the satisfaction of eating. This triggers the beginning of an infernal cycle of diets and remedies to control the body instead of letting it go in the direction in which it feels healthier.

A slight weight gain in life is healthy. In older people, for example, those who have a little fat are more able to survive diseases and health problems, such as surgery.

Here we are talking about a few pounds, not 20 or 30!

Now, with my experience, I see that people believe in me or at least give me a chance when I tell them that it’s possible to lose weight without dieting! When they realize how much better they feel, then I know that they are on the right path. After this, it’s just about being patient, which unfortunately isn’t easy for many people, because they remember losing weight quickly through dieting. Even when they gain all the weight back afterwards, there remains the illusion that it’s possible to lose weight quickly and maintain it.

The more the body suffers from the yo-yo effect (repeated cycles of loss and weight gain), the older you are, the closer you are to menopause (women), the longer it takes to regain a healthy balance. People need to remember that their genetics didn’t make them fat, but through their experience of diets and remedies, the fat gain genes were awoken in them.

In fact, everyone needs to understand that it only takes good sense and health to get in shape!

Restrictive diets don’t work in a healthy way.

Now that you know the way to lose weight without dieting, by not restricting what you eat, take the time now to better understand how my program works.

Through the Sophie Effect method, I teach you to transform your relationship with food and to listen to your body signals again. It includes six weeks of videos and materials that will explain eating habits, and how you can regain the pleasure of eating.

Exit the yo-yo effect and enter the Sophie Effect!

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  • Noor Ullah jan Jan
    16 de March de 2018 3:50 am

    You are right that restrictive diet is not the ultimate solution for weight loss in long-term, i would rather simply your article that best is to eat for being a healthy one, rather be a thin one.
    This simple rule will work in long-term for a permanent weight loss.


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Eating behavior

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