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Green cleanse juices are great for health, but they don’t work miracles.

The word “cleanse” has become a true mantra among those seeking “healthy eating”. So I ask you: before drinking green cleanse juices, have you ever stopped and wondered why you chose this type of drink?

In fact, the answer I would most like to hear is “because I like it,” or “because I feel like it.” But the explanations I come across daily follow more along the lines of: “because it’s good for my health,” “because it’s slimming”, “because it’s fashionable”, or “because they said it’s good.”

In fact, green cleanse juices are interesting, but I don’t approve of the way they’re sold; As if they can perform miracles, ensure endless health and accelerate the process of weight loss.

So, how about we start at the beginning? Do you know what green cleanse juices are?

They are those that, in addition to fulfilling basic nutritional functions, have their consumption associated with other health benefits, such as the prevention of degenerative diseases or the control of metabolic problems such as diabetes.

Faced with this explanation, it must be said that, yes, green cleanse juices are welcome within a balanced diet.

But I repeat: alone, they are not able to solve any health problem. In addition, consumed in excess, can even bring deleterious effects.

Green cleanse juices: drink them in moderation

One of the recommendations I usually give my patients is that they try to invest in nutritional variety. Include in your daily intake foods from all food groups, prioritizing fresh food and reducing the consumption of ultra-processed food.

In this guideline, green cleanse juices, when consumed in moderation, can give you some health benefits. Certain combinations are fantastic for the body, as research in the field of nutrigenomics points out, a science that studies how foods “communicate” with our genes.

However, we also know that our genetics expresses itself in a very particular and individual way. Food is “understood” differently in each person. That is: something that works really well for your friend won’t work in exactly the same way for you.

And this relationship between food nutritional absorption and genes also changes throughout life, especially because it doesn’t depend solely on food, but also on lifestyle, routine, sleep, stress level, exposure to pollution, age , habits, dedication – or not – to physical activity, and so on.

Therefore, I advocate for a variety of nutrients so that your body is well nourished and can respond more naturally to cues of hunger and satiety. If you consider green cleanse juices as a must, you will end up restricting yourself to recipes and combinations that are not always the ones your body is asking for.

It’s even worse if you believe that you need to drink liter after liter of green cleanse juices for perfect health and nutrition. Perfection in this field doesn’t exist. And exaggeration will only overwhelm your body.

Remember that “a cleanse” is not a religion. Get rid of the myths of miracle diets and magical formulas to lose weight. These do not exist.

Listen to what your body really wants and needs. Are you really in the mood for a green cleanse juice, or would you like another drink, like a soda? Are you thinking more about the taste, or the nutritional value of green cleanse juices?


If you’re in the mood for soda, you’re better to have a small glass and respect that urge, than to overdo it later by drinking twice as much and feeling guilty.

In general, prioritize water, the best and most natural way to hydrate yourself. If you are going to drink green cleanse juices, try not to overdo the amounts of juice and sugar, and try to vary the ingredients throughout the week. Gradually, you’ll find balance and your body will only have to thank you.

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Eating behavior

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