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How to stick to a diet: Calm down: Failing is normal!

I want to challenge you: Have you ever been happy following some kind of diet? I want to ask you this before I try to answer the question 9 out of 10 people ask: How to stick to a diet? In fact, this is a rather difficult mission. You are not alone!

I don’t think anyone is happy about having to count every calorie they eat during the day, or when they’re forced to refuse something that they’re eager to eat. So if you already know my line of work, you must know that I won’t give you any magic formula here on how to stick to a diet.

On the other hand, I want to help people build a calmer relationship with this issue, by not focusing on calories, the exclusion of food groups, and absurd fashions.

Firstly, I invite you: why don’t you leave restrictive diets aside and think about a healthier, but at the same time, pleasurable life?

Diets greatly affect your body. In the short term, you may lose a few pounds, but this weight doesn’t stay off. Studies show that about 95% of people on a restrictive diet end up gaining weight again after some time.

That is why, if you’ve already failed one, two, or more times when trying to follow a restricted eating plan, don’t feel bad: you’re part of the majority. You are normal!

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Where’s the focus here?

The body undergoes a series of physiological adaptations during a diet. When deprived of food or energy, it becomes alert and has to “make do” to be able to perform its vital functions in the face of nutrient shortages.

In addition, there are several associated negative side effects: irritation, nervousness, anxiety, tiredness, sadness… so it’s very difficult to stick to a diet and not fail, wouldn’t you agree?

So if you want to know, “how to stick to a diet,” I can only answer: by not doing restrictive diets.

Where’s my self-esteem gone?

Failing to stick to a diet gives you another problem: it kills your self-esteem. You feel weak, unmotivated. Like a real loser. You come to believe that you don’t have the “combo”, “strength, focus and faith” so drilled into us on social networks.

Firstly, you’re not weak. As I always say, it’s normal to fail in the face of all this deprivation. And when we have low self-esteem it becomes even harder to meet the goals we set for ourselves.

So if the question of “how to stick to a diet” is pounding in your head, how about you start looking inside yourself first? Move slightly away from the question of weight, and think about the emotions that are affecting your relationship with food.

Do you think one has nothing to do with the other? Well, look at the definition of health given by the World Health Organization (WHO): “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” This definition doesn’t mention thinness! Do you get it?

How to stick to a diet

My tip on how to stick to a diet is: change the focus! Broaden your vision about life, about food, about your daily life, and above all about how you see yourself.

Losing weight is not the simplest thing in the world, but if you take that in-depth analysis, you’ll be more likely to balance body and mind and thereby maintain a healthy body throughout life. Give it a try!

How about learning my Sophie Effect method, which teaches you to transform your relationship with food and to listen to your body’s signals again? It includes six weeks of videos and materials that will explain eating habits, and how you can regain the pleasure of eating. Check it out!

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Eating behavior

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