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After the overindulgence and guilt: Will a detox to lose weight fast really work?

The cycle of overindulgence and guilt is perverse and runs around in the minds of us all. After a period of eating, many people feel bad and decide that they need to do something, always in a radical way. Losing weight fast is the priority of 90% of people who seek the help of dietitians. That’s where they begin searching for a detox to lose weight fast.

People tend to lack the patience needed to reach a healthy weight through respecting your body’s limits and making peace with food, little by little, without major sacrifices.

The so-called “detox to lose weight fast” methods meet this urgency. No wonder, they’re among the best-selling resources currently available to eliminate those extra pounds. On a daily basis, I receive patients who bring recipes for health and success to the practice – though often accompanied by some frustration.

In many cases, these diets are based on liquids, especially juices, which combine fruits, vegetables and spices. Supposedly, they rid the body of toxins.

It doesn’t make sense, from a scientific point of view, that a simple juice can have the power to detoxify our system, since we already have an organ with this ability: the liver. It’s the real body detoxifier.

Consumed in moderation, some recipes are even valid and interesting. However, to date I haven’t seen any scientific evidence that there is any diet in the world capable of detoxifying our digestive system.

The antioxidants, fibers, and bioactive compounds that come from vegetables can have beneficial effects and even boost the immune system, but they can overwhelm the liver in large quantities. And it’s such an important organ!

The good news is this: our body is able to detox by itself to lose weight. You don’t need juice, a magic formula or to stop eating solid foods.

How did the detox to lose weight fast originate?

You may be wondering how these detox diets came about, if there is no scientific evidence that they actually “cleanse the body” and make it easier to lose weight.

The fact is that, all over the world, researchers are dedicated to studying the composition of foods and the way our body reacts to them. This is legitimate and helps the community of health professionals to understand more and more about this wonderful machine that is the human body.

The problem is how the results of these studies are transmitted out of the academic environment. Often, the hype is huge over small studies, which do not necessarily reflect the reality of most people.

In order to detect that a food is good for an individual, it’s necessary to consider all of their history, social context, environment and their health as a whole. Nutrition doesn’t look at an isolated food, but at a general food standard.

Of course there is interest in announcements that a particular food slims, prevents cancer and helps your disposition. There is a market behind it. Have you noticed that food fads come and go?

Who doesn’t remember the green tea fashion? There are, in fact, studies that associate the use of leaves with possible metabolism acceleration, but this depends on numerous factors, the excess of green tea actually has damaging effects. Then the simplified news people receive is that “green tea slims”.

But that’s not what science says; rather, that these people, who drank tea for so many months, within a specific nutritional context, saw an effect on their metabolism and nutritional states. It’s much more subtle information that’s not only reserved for tea. The detox to lose weight fast method is one of those fashions that will soon be replaced by another.

Chewing is better than drinking

I recently attended to a person in my practice who told me she drank green juice every day. She used about three leaves of cabbage and a series of fruits: peach, banana, apple … and whatever else she had in the fruit bowl. I was frightened by the amount of ingredients she had in that drink.

It’s a lot to consume in one sitting! An absurd amount that she wouldn’t be able to eat if it were on a plate. Remember that everything in excess is bad.

One tip I always like to give is: prioritize food you can chew, not drink, give preference to real food. That’s because we have a greater tolerance for liquids, without feeling full as quickly.

A practical example: In an orange juice, it is common to use five to six oranges per glass. How many oranges do you think you could eat in one go if you had to chew them? Surely no more than two. One would be enough … of course, we can drink much more ?.

In reality: When you start your meal by chewing, your hunger sensation is already diminishing.

Instead of a detox to lose weight fast, try a balanced diet.

Because promising accelerated weight loss, this type of resource makes many people believe that they can commit any kind of excess.

After all, there’s supposed to be a quick solution that will eliminate the consequences of ‘falling off the wagon’.

This cycle of overindulgence and then restriction turns out to be an additional trigger for the risk of fat accumulation or even to develop a binge eating compulsion, because when the body doesn’t receive all the nutrients it needs to stay in good conditions, and in the right amount (as is the case with a detox to lose weight fast), it understands that it’s in danger and does what?

Your body can adapt and defend itself from the risk of accumulating fat, or you can deregulate your eating behavior. So, pay attention to the whole, don’t put all your expectations into a detox diet that can hurt you more than help. Always eating with balance is much more pleasurable and sustainable. Bon appétit!

Did you understand how important it is to seek more information before adopting these fad diets like a detox to lose weight fast?

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Eating behavior

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