What are the signs your period is coming?

Just before menstruation, some women may experience some discomfort, such as cramps, headaches, depression, irritability, and other symptoms. It’s difficult to keep up with all the changes that take place in our bodies and we wonder how to deal with them. More important than knowing the signs your period is coming is understanding how to deal with and even overcome that hormonal turbulence that accompanies us throughout life.

What are the signs your period is coming?

Each day we have a different concentration of hormones in our body. So we, women, can go through so many mood swings and even physical discomforts. Does this happen to you?

Another factor that explains the phases of PMS and changes in mood is the production of serotonin, which fluctuates during the cycle. When it’s high, it improves our mood, we feel more willing and happy. When it’s low, we can be in a bad mood, angry and even in a more depressed mood, more willing to eat junk food. Guess at what level women are during the premenstrual phase. Exactly, very low! That is why some women feel the need to eat more and some feel like crying.

How to deal with the different phases of PMS?

Some women suffer from premenstrual tension, but the first thing you need to know, is that this is not a rule. Each one perceives the symptoms differently and some don’t even feel them at all. To deal with the different phases of PMS, you need to recognize the signals your body gives.

Try to stop for a few minutes, every day, to feel your breathing, your emotions and your physical body. Do you feel any pain? Do you feel more sensitive than normal? So it might be signs your period is coming. Write down these discomforts on a calendar and see if they get more intense as your menstrual period approaches. This way you’ll be able to identify the stages of PMS and still monitor the developments of the symptoms.

We should all do this as a form of self-knowledge. When you realize you’re on a more sensitive day, avoid making important appointments or making big decisions. Respect yourself, rest, take care of your self-esteem and stay close to those you like.

One factor that worsens the symptoms of PMS are restrictive diets. You may think you’re doing a good thing for your health, but by restricting your food intake, you end up worsening some symptoms of premenstrual tension, such as irritation, headaches and moodiness. It’s always important to eat better, with no restrictions and respect for your hunger cues, especially when you feel the changes approaching. Instead of just dining on a simple, non-carbohydrate salad, take notice of your hunger and feel what your body needs. Respect your body! And you’ll surely feel better.

    “Eat better, not less!” – Sophie Deram

PMS doesn’t have to be a seven-headed dragon! Now, if you suffer from the symptoms a lot, or if they don’t go away with the onset of menstruation, find a doctor who will indicate the best treatment for your specific case.

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