What happens to women during the premenstrual period?

Do you get the feeling that women in their premenstrual period’s are crazy and hypersensitive? Do you think you are like that? Then this text is for you. Premenstrual period tension is a cyclical period that precedes menstruation by a few days. It occurs mainly because of hormone oscillations, which interfere in the female central nervous system.

Are women during premenstrual periods crazy?

There is a stigma that before women menstruate, they get a little out of their mind’s. This is because some people feel the symptoms more strongly than others. The woman’s body goes through changes during PMS, which can generate certain symptoms, such as headaches, acne, cramps, breasts swelling, depression, excessive crying, irritability and even increased appetite. Does this sound like you?

Well, just know that this is very common and doesn’t have to be like the boogeyman.

To get through this uncomfortable period, check out these tips.

Alleviating premenstrual period symptoms

  • Practice physical activity that gives you pleasure (walking outdoors, biking, swimming) – In addition to relieving pain, sport can release hormones and leave you feeling well, as long as it’s not too stressful
  • If you get quite stressed during this time, avoid making important appointments, such as business meetings, or making important decisions. Wait for the dust to settle down a bit
  • Take care of your body and your self-esteem. Go to the hairdresser, go out with your friends, do whatever makes you feel good.
  • Try to stay optimistic, pushing negative thoughts from your mind
  • Eat a balanced diet. Restrictive diets already make us irritated in normal times, so avoid them. Eat when you feel hungry and look for tasty foods. The motto is: eat better, not less.

A very important issue to address is food. You may have noticed that when we are on a restrictive diet we become more irritable and moody. Now, imagine going through PMS and still feeling hungry and craving food. Sounds like a nightmare, right? And it’s true. In my practice, I can see that when women make peace with food and stop being so restrictive, premenstrual period symptoms disappear or decrease greatly. This is because they are well nourished and their bodies aren’t missing anything.

A woman going through PMS doesn’t have to go through a time of darkness. It’s possible to circumvent the situation with balance and health. Now, if your symptoms are too strong and even disrupt your routine and relationships, ideally you should see a doctor, who will indicate the best way forward for you.

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