My book “The Weight of Diets”

My book “O Peso das Dietas” is out ! The full title translates into: “The Weight of Diets: Lose Weight and Keep it Off by saying ‘No’ to Diets”.

The book official launch was on December 15, 2014 at the famous bookstore Livraria Cultura on Avenida Paulista in downtown Sao Paulo. See the pictures here

It was a great success! Thank you so much to all who came!

See below the synopsis of the book.

It is currently being translated into English and my editor and I are looking for an English language publisher. If you are interested in helping, please let me know by sending an email to


Sophie Deram, celebrated French/Brazilian nutritionist, presents a refreshing and amazing new approach to nutrition based on Nutrigenomics, the science of how food relates to our genes. In her book, she explains how dieting and calorie-counting are actually the main culprits of weight gain, and that in order to truly enjoy life and achieve and maintain a healthy body weight, we should not even resort to dieting at all. Yes, it is possible to lose weight without suffering, without cutting favorite foods or entire food groups, and we should certainly not be cutting glutens or following protein-only or other radical diets! Sophie’s scientific and revolutionary approach actually prohibits calorie-counting and radical dietary restrictions. In other words, to lose weight, don’t diet! Learn her seven secrets on how to sustainably lose weight without dieting by returning to the art and pleasure of eating real food. As a complement, this book also includes a section full of tips on meal planning and over 50 delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes collected from her friends around the world!

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