Eating behavior

Happy Holidays with pleasure!

Celebrate the Holidays with pleasure!

Close your eyes and remember your favorite Christmas dinner as a child. The smell in the kitchen and the happiness of the whole house sensing the delicious dinner that was coming, with excess, laughter and feelings of being part of the same family or community. So many great traditions! We need to continue these traditions with our children, so that they also can have those memories closing their eyes when adults, so that they also have these experiences of pleasure at the table without guilt.

I wish you all Happy Holidays and a wonderful dining experience for Christmas and the New Year´s eve!
I do not recommend making a light or diet New Year’s Eve as I saw many encouraging those days, please do not just pick turkey breast and broccoli to make this dinner, but include bones and fat, potatoes or tasty food.
For one day, forget your diet mentality encouraged by the supposed guardians of health, enjoy a moment that is good for the soul!

The secret is to eat with pleasure, without indulging in wild excesses: slowly tasting and enjoying the food and not swallowing in a hurry and in too much excess.
Our body can handle a little bit of excess without any problem. It will not necessarily store fat if we behave calmly and with pleasure. It is natural for a human being to eat in excess sometimes. Think of our ancestors when they could kill an animal, they partied and ate a lot!

You might want to be prepared, by having a snack in the afternoon, so as to not arrive at the table hungry as a lion and jump on the food, but arrive being reasonably hungry, so that you will have the pleasure of eating without too much excess.
Also, you do not have to diet the next day, feeling guilty for everything you ate. When you restrict yourself, you run the risk of compensating later with too much! This is especially true for people who are always dieting and tend to go from one extreme to another.

The pleasure of eating is essential for a healthy relationship with food.
Try to eat slowly, focusing on how good the food is and also enjoying the people who are with you, enjoying the moment, always aware of what is in your mouth and chewing slowly to release all the flavors.

To recover fast and happy from these parties, stay hydrated by drinking water, sparkling or not, tea, broths or soups. Eat more fruits and vegetables and do not forget a nice walk with  people you love.

Happy Holidyas and bon appétit!



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Eating behavior

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